Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Still No Answers-from Heather

I had a phone call on Monday from the Medical Examiner who performed Micah's autopsy and he said that they discovered Asprin in Micah's system. He had called to question me to see if we had possibly given him Asprin. This was quite disturbing to me as we don't even have Asprin in the house and I know that it is not safe for children. He warned me that it could be a false positive but they were going to resubmit the blood work to see if it was infact Asprin and if so, was there a lot in his system. He stated that none of the medical records from Children's indicated that Micah was given Asprin and there would have been no reason any medical professional would have administered it. How frustrating! I wish we could just get some closure from the medical standpoint, but it keeps going.
The Medical Examiner also indicated that they found pneumonia on his left lung...which was a suprise to us as we were told it was only in his right lung. And how could he developed pneumonia in his left lung when he was treated the day before with high doses of antibiotic? There seems to be more questions than answers at this point. I struggle with trying hard to figure out what happened medically and just letting it go. I know that regardless this was part of God's plan but my doubt and frustrations with him being gone seems to take over. I pray that we can get closure with the reason for death and get some final answers so we can begin to heal at a deeper level. I just miss him SO much and this isn't getting any easier!


  1. I will pray for peace for you today.

  2. No. It doesn't get easier. I've only heard that it gets different. By God's grace, you survive one day at a time. And, there's a minuscule amount of comfort in grieving with and Cory missing Micah together...and a huge body of people who are mourning for your loss. (A friend of mine called from 600 miles away saying, "I just read about the Wessmans...I cried for a hour." An hour of tears isn't that much relative to your grief, but a complete stranger...aching for you, praying for you, wishing everything were different for you...)

    I hope you get answers soon. In the meantime, I pray that God will remind you of what is certain...about Himself, about life, about Micah, about the future...

  3. thinking of you guys today and sending up hymn after hymn in prayer. Eva asks frequently now at night if I would please sing "When He Cometh" for baby Micah.

  4. Your sadness touches my heart everyday. Though I don't know you, my heart still aches for you. My husband and I pray often for you, that the unanswered questions wouldn't take you captive. My parents lost a son born after me, he was only 18 months. My mother has shared her heart with me about the pain and anguish. His death also, was sudden an unexpected. It's been 25 years, she never forgets his birthday, tell stories every so often about him. She says it was only Christ that could take her guilt away. The answers didn't help just more questions came. She even struggled with anger toward Christ. If you would ever like to email her, I can send you her email. She'd really like to help if she can.
    We will continue to pray for God's arms to wrap you tightly in your hours of need.
    Jessie Vasquez

  5. praying that you would get answers heather!