Tuesday, August 4, 2009

From Heather

I just got off the phone with the paramedic that responded to our house on that Sunday morning. (The hospital gave me her phone number if I wanted to contact her in the future). She expressed her sympathy to me on the phone and told me that she was aware of Micah's passing through continued contact with the hospital. She also shared we me how difficult this whole tradegy has been on her and her partner that responded. She said that as paramedics, they are trained not to "bring work home" and since they are involved in so many accidents and deaths that they become "numb" in a way to each situtation. However she expressed how Micah's situation really made an impact on herself and her paramedic partner. She also admitted that she has been dealing with feelings of guilt in wondering if she could have done something different to have saved Micah. I had an opportunity to ask questions about why there weren't able to get him breathing and a heartbeat for over an hour and a half. She explained to me that the blockage in his Right Mainstem Bronchi (the right lung area) from the pea was completely occluding his right lung but as many doctors have explained to us that the left lung, in theory, should have compensated for the right. She told me that even if I had done the heimlich maneuver, it wouldn't have worked because it was so far down into the lung area. I feel so blessed that so many people are caring for us and were somehow touched by my sons death. It doesn't make my grieving easier or less but to know that people that I don't even know were impacted from this amazes me daily. She also shared with me that what happened to Micah is completely unheard of in the medical field and they have never seen anything like this happen.
As it was written by Cory in his last entry, in a way there is some comfort in knowing that there are no real answers to what happened and why it happened, and it is clear to us that is was God calling Micah home. It was His plan before he was even given to us, that Micah would only live 9 precious months on this earth with us. I feel so blessed to have had those 9 months with Micah but selfishly I wish he was still here with us.


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us as we continue to grieve with you. I am blessed by your complete reliance and trust in the sovereignty of God.
    Nancy Parker

  2. Cory & Heather, I am crying with you as I read about your love for Micah and about your great loss. Thank you for sharing from the overflow of your hearts. My wife, Kelly, and I join you in faith and prayer:

    Jesus, have mercy on the Wessman family. Thank you for Micah, for his extraordinary life, for how you have blessed Heather and Cory through him, and for your great love for him. Please send your Holy Spirit to comfort Heather & Cory and their families as they grieve. Help them to trust Micah into your care, and help the rest of us to know how to best care for them. In all things, Jesus, may your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

  3. You are SO STRONG heather and cory. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, it helps me feel more connected to you in this OH SO difficult time of tears. SO many people have beeen touched by Micah's life- God is holding Micah so tightly to him Heather while you cannot. Take comfort in that when you miss him and HOLD EACH OTHER so tight. WE LOVE YOU!
    Mari Melin