Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Does Jesus Weep With Us?

We trust that Jesus understands our grief and is weeping along with us.

Following Lazarus' death, Jesus appeared to Mary and Lazarus' family. When Jesus saw Mary and the others weeping, he was greatly troubled. When he saw Lazarus' body, he wept.

Jesus is the "I am." Before the world was created, He was. He is above space and time. Jesus knew that He would raise Lazarus from the dead and he wept anyway. He wept not because the "end result' was that Lazarus would be confined to the grave, but because he sympathized (or empathized ??) with Mary and Lazarus' family.

The "end result," in our case, is a joyful reunion between Micah, Heather and me. Even though we trust that we will someday see him again, we grieve and weep because we love our son and we miss him. And even though Jesus knows the same end result, he understands our grief and weeps along with us.

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  1. I'm a friend of Reed and Racheal, we have been so grieved for you both over the last several weeks. Tears just run down my face as I read about the life and death of your beautiful son. Though I can't imagine what you are going through, my heart aches for you, as a mother. I have read stories about how Micah's life has touched so many, what a wonderful treasure. I have woke up in the night and prayed for you. I think of you, Heather, so often. Without knowing you, God has laid you on my heart over and over again. I've been praying that your sadness would be bearable, when you miss his laugh, his smile, his cries..that God would comfort you. His power is made perfect in your weakness.
    In Christ alone,
    Jessie Vasquez