Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cause of Death

We believe that Micah's cause of death had something to do with the pea he aspirated the previous Thursday. However, we are still unsure of the medical cause of Micah's death. Doctors we speak with seem baffled as to how this could happen. The medical examiner has not yet provided their findings to us.

In a way, this has made it easier for Heather and me. We believe that God had numbered Micah's days on this earth to only 9 months. As Pastor Kenney has repeated to us numerous times, Micah's death is not "about us." It is not up to us humans. Rather, it is God's sovereign plan that Micah is now glorifying God in Heaven rather than on earth. It has been much easier to see and trust God's will in this because of the fact that Micah's death was so sudden, so unexpected, and so medically unexplainable. We have not cast blame on each other or others. While it in no way minimizes the loss we feel for our son, it has helped us trust in God's plan for Micah's earthly (short) life and heavenly (long) life.

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