Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Our Christmas Blessing

Cory and I decided this year that we need to take a break from most of our annual Christmas traditions: decorations in the house; buying and receiving gifts; baking Christmas cookies and spending time watching children become excited for Christmas day. This year, as the pain has been so intense, we are venturing out of town to enjoy the beaches of Mexico.

Before we left for our vacation, this morning we were able to have an ultrasound to check on the health and development of our “BabyTwo” (as Cory calls “it”). We are thrilled to report that BabyTwo looks great and is developing very well.

We were able to see, quite clearly, that we will be having another boy, God willing, in May of 2010. Tears flooded our eyes in excitement, nervousness, and sadness. Excitement, in the thought of loving another child. Sadness, because Micah will not be able to play with his baby brother on this side of earth. Nervousness, of having another boy and the possibility of this baby resembling the likeness of Micah.

I have such a flood of emotions, one of which is feeling terrified to become a mother to another baby boy. I so long for Micah to be here to meet his brother and to watch the two boys grow up playing ball, running after each other and becoming best buddies at only 19 months apart. I pray that having another boy will keep me close to the memories of Micah’s life and will continually be a reminder of the love that I have for my first born. I am so thankful for this new life and that God has blessed us with another child as I know God created me to be a mother to His children.


  1. Rachael told me about your anticipated vacation to Mexico for Christmas. I pray that it is a wonderful break for you two and a great time away from the crazy weather to come. May it be a wonderful time away, and a great time to reconnect and create new memories as a couple. I am also very thankful for your new son, and I understand your trepidations and emotions (although I've never been in your position). I am excited for this new life, as I'm sure you are. I thank God for everything He has done in your life in the last 5 months, and that you have found the courage to be so open about your journey and to create a foundation in Micah's honor. Keep up the good fight, Cory and Heather. We pray for you.

    Brother and sister in Christ...
    Nick & Amber from Mason City

  2. I do not know your family personally, but a friend asked me to pray for you and told about your blog. After reading your story, I have cried for you and prayed for you regularly. I have been reading your updates this week, and am so excited to hear you are expecting another baby. I can understand your mixed emotions and will continue to pray for your precious family. Your words have also helped me to encourage friends who lost their two year old in July to a cardiac issue. I do hope God blesses you abundantly and that you can be at peace and filled with love and hapiness even after such an "insurmountable" loss. Again, praying for you. In Christ's love, Mary Ann, West Point, MS.