Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Micah Wessman Foundation

Following Micah's death, Heather and I benefitted from a tremendous support network. So many family members and friends provided us with their love through their prayers as well as other forms of practical assistance. We believe that not everyone who loses a child has (or will have) the same access to this support network.

Last week, we incorporated the Micah Wessman Foundation for the purpose of funding some ideas we have for providing practical assistance to families grieving the death of a young child.

Here is our mission statement:
The Micah Wessman Foundation is a Christ-centered ministry assisting families grieving the death of a young child. The Foundation provides assistance with practical immediate needs of grieving families, logistical and educational resources for their support networks, as well as financial support for those grieving families seeking to benefit from Christ-centered counseling or retreat opportunities.

The Foundation's mission statement is executed by providing the following forms of practical assistance:
(1) Care baskets to the family, which include items of practical assistance, such as day-to-day living necessities, gift cards to local restaurants and grocery stores, and books and audio media;
(2) Lists of local families, Christian counselors, and Bible-based churches who are able and willing to provide Christ-centered spiritual counsel and support;
(3) Logistical backup support and Biblical counsel to those individuals and groups seeking guidance on providing support to grieving families; and
(4) Scholarships to allow grieving families to attend Christ-centered grief retreats, such as Smile Again Ministries in Cross Lake, Minnesota.

The Foundation will be funded, in part, by some of the memorial contributions provided to us following Micah's death. While we don't know where the Lord will direct us in our ministry in the coming years, we believe that this Foundation will help us to honor Micah's memory.


  1. What a wonderful idea. Micah's 9 months on earth were so short but his life will touch so many for years and years to come through the amazing things you and Heather are doing. God bless you both. Cara

  2. This is such a wonderful idea! For you and Heather to open your hearts and arms to other grieving families will be such a testimony! To be able to share Micah's story with others will be such a blessing! May the Lord continue to hold you close and comfort you minute by minute!

  3. What a wonderful thing. I am so glad God has brought you to this point, and I know He is and will continue using you and Micah!! I echo everyone else's blessings and good wishes.

  4. Saw this recently, and thought of you both...

  5. this is really beautiful. how would i go about recommending a gift to a grieving family?