Thursday, December 3, 2009


This post is by one of Micah's grandparents-- Grandpa "Big Popi" Wessman.

It's the first holiday season since Micah's home going and I have asked myself, "can I have a thankful heart this season?" How can I be thankful when four months ago I watched helplessly as my grandson died? How can I be thankful when I watched as my kids went through such extreme anguish and sorrow?

Over the past four months I have focused significant time (at least for me) on reading. I have read numerous Bible passages. I have read several books, including "Grace Disguised" and "If God is Good." I have learned in this journey that everyone responds differently to grief. And one's emotions and thoughts can change from day to day.

Recognizing these realities, I share the following:
As I read through Job I related, in small part, Job's laments but was humbled and left in awe as I read God's response. I have gained a greater appreciation for the power and holiness of God.
As I read "Grace Disguised," I am struck with the reality that one has choices to make during periods of suffering. One can choose to grow from the experience or retreat from the experience. But one makes choices either for good or bad.
As I read "If God is Good," the trials we endure give us opportunity for growth. The author makes the following convicting statement, "Virtually everyone who has suffered little in life is shallow, unmotivated, self-absorbed, and lacking in character. You know it and so do I. And yet we do everything we can to avoid challenges, both to our children and to ourselves. If we succeed in our avoidance, we'll develop in ourselves and our children the sort of character we least admire." That was me. I prayed for comfort, not only for myself but also for my family. I did not ask for nor desired this journey of loss but in God's sovereignty I have this opportunity for growth of character.

In recent weeks God's spirit of peace has been especially close and powerful. He has given me a clearer perspective on life, not just this earthly life but that of our life to come.

So am I thankful? Yes. Not one of happiness, but grateful for God's power, His sovereignty, His presence, His strength and His providing me this unique opportunity for growth.

November 22, 2009

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Mr. Wessman. Your entire family is often prayed for as you walk through your pain. God's peace to you through the Holidays.