Friday, January 1, 2010

A Gift Unopened

A poem by Micah's Uncle Reed and Aunt Rachael:

Micah we wanted to write you
So we wrote a little poem
To tell you how we’re feeling
Your first Christmas at home

Your parents would have told you
About this Christmas story
How two-thousand years ago
Jesus left his seat of glory

And in a cold manger born
Such humble state begun
From angels, kings, and shepherds
His high praises were sung

This Jesus grew up, you would learn
He was no normal man.
Even prophets of old foretold
He’s part of a sovereign plan.

Your parents would have told you
Bedtime stories for sure
About amazing miracles
How He was perfect and pure

And what significance to learn
Payment of sins He sought
Unless He died and rose again
Christmas is for naught.

Like a lamb on to slaughter
On Calvary’s hill you’d find
He took our sins for himself
And He had you in mind.

By now you know the whole story
Clearly you now can see
I’m sure Jesus has told you
As you sit upon his knee

For being in God’s presence
To what can we compare?
There’s nothing quite like it
I’m sure you’re now aware.

We’ve opened gifts this Christmas day
But there’s a sad sight to see
One gift remains unopened
Laying under the tree

Amidst the bows and paper
A beautiful package still lay
Written in fine letters
“To Micah” does it say

We certainly do miss you
To see that big bright smile
To watch you open your gift
And giggle for a while

But the giggle we imagine
Is nothing really like
The Jesus inspired giggle
To Joy’s no end delight

It makes that gift unopened
Seem pale, old and small
For even as we speak
You’re having the best Christmas of us all.

So as we sit and ponder
That last gift under the tree
It makes our hearts hurt
But there’s great hope for eternity.


  1. So Beautiful! I'm thankful for that hope! Thank you for sharing this!! Thinking of you daily!

  2. thank you for sharing. we miss reed & rachael and know you do too! praise God for His goodness, hope, and just God. Lord knows we couldn't go through these trials without Him.

  3. hmmm. How special. Thanks for sharing.