Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Micah

Today, Micah, you turn one.
Happy Birthday, little son,
for whom eternal and infinite joy have just begun.
Oh how we wish we could see you,
Oh how we wish that we could get a Skype call through.

To see you on Jesus’ knee, listening to His stories patiently.
To see you smiling, crawling, baby talking and perhaps even walking.
To see you with Jesus, family and other new friends,
Traveling through majestic valleys and beholding beauty without end.

To hear you, in Heaven, let out your big laugh
Like you did when your mommy gave you a bath
Or to hear your little voice, jabbering and singing
Oh, what great praises to Jesus you must now be bringing

Oh, how I long to feel your little hands grasp around my finger
Or to lay down and snuggle together—and to just linger
In the unspoken bond of a father’s love for his son
To somehow believe again that our time together on earth had just begun

Our love for you is so great, so complete,
that our hurt seems without end.
Our wound of grief will never fully mend.
While we are back to life again, it has been quite a feat
And on some days, with some people, all we can do is pretend
Surely, without Jesus, we would face this life in defeat.

For you, Micah, Heaven is a place does not have to undo
All the garbage that us “adults” put ourselves through
For you, pain, grief and sin
are distant memories, never to be encountered again.

And so we ask the Lord to free us from the fears
of so many birthdays missing you-- of so many tears.
October 30th is, out of all of our days, a day to treasure.
To remember God’s grace to us, truly beyond measure.

To help us look forward to seeing you at that Great Reunion.
But until then, keep us focused, lest there be any confusion--
That our lives are but mist, and His, not mine.
To be filled with less banality, and more divine
That until that day we be trusting, faithful and brave.
When we, at last, will see you give us your little wave.


  1. beautiful words cory
    what a wonderful tribute for this day

  2. Cory and Heather, I am thinking of you and praying for all of you as you celebrate Micah's short life. Cory and Heather you both amaze me as you cling to the cross of Jesus and fall to Him in your grief and with your lives. I'm so happy that a child is on the way, God is faithful and while you know it you may not feel it. As I read your blog, I see God so at work in healing, loving, and holding you both close. Cathy Strutzenberg

  3. Well done, it brought a tear to my eyes and smile to my face at the same time. What joy to know that someday we will see our sons again. Happy birthday Micah.

  4. I agree, that is a beautiful tribute to your little micah. Our thoughts and prayers are with you guys. Happy Birthday little Micah.

  5. I love Micah's poem. Thanks for sharing your grief journey. Bryan and I went to Wheaton at the same time you did, Cory, though I don't think we ever met. We lost our son, Samuel, on August 31, and are finding this grief road to be tremendously painful. However, we, too, have felt God's presence and goodness in this darkest valley of our lives. Thanks for sharing the road you are traveling. It has blessed and encouraged me. I love the idea of our boys bringing "great praises to Jesus."

    Kathryn Apinis

    Kathryn Apinis

  6. We give thanks and praise to God for His inspiring you to write these words; all of them so beautiful and precious, and the last paragraph, particularly, meaningful.
    We continue to pray for you.
    With love,
    Linda and Larry Holmberg

  7. I want to see his wave too. You've written a very beautiful poem: pain admitted, love shown, the Redeemer glorified.

  8. I can't believe how I found your blog. I am a high school classmate of Cory's (Laura Coder). I am in awe of your faith and honesty in sharing how you are living through this journey. I am praying peace over your family, and joy for the blessing of new life that you are anticipating. Blessings to you~Laura Olsen

  9. Oh how beautiful! A daddy's words for his son! We love Micah through you even though we don't know you both personally!! Thank you for sharing this with all of us. We are always praying for you! Happy birthday Micah!

    Chris and Angie Carey

  10. Cory and Heather,
    Your continuing eloquence, honesty and strength through the Lord continue to amaze and inspire. Happy Birthday, Micah -- we love you. -Joel

  11. What a beautiful post. You both inspire me.

  12. Absolutely beautiful. Happy Birthday Micah!

  13. Oh my...Bobby's mother, Diana