Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our Sons at 9 Months

Shortly before he died, we had a professional photographer take some "9 month" pictures of Micah. Last month, Owen reached and surpassed the same 9-month mark. As we did with Micah, we had Owen sit for his "9 month" pictures. You'll notice that Owen fills out the same outfit just as well as Micah did.
It has been a difficult month for Heather and me. We have taken several trips to Children's Hospital and urgent care to deal with hand, foot, and mouth disease, RSV, pneumonia and just last night, a very high temperature. It has been a month of anxienty--too much anxiety. While God has brought us through this month with Owen in good health, it feels like we keep re-learning what it means to trust God.
Owen has brought joy and laughter to our house. There are two large pictures of Micah in Owen's bedroom. When Owen gets up from a nap, we usually hold Owen next to one of these pictures and say his name. In response, Owen lets out a happy yelp or chatter, and waves his little hand at the picture of his big brother. We think that Owen already knows Micah's name. Lord willing, Owen will grow up to know all about his big brother Micah.

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  1. Great pictures.

    Lucy always talks about our Owen. It is neat seeing how real he is to her. I'm sure the same will be true of your Owen.