Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Second Birthday

We miss you, Micah, our first born son
Another year without you on your birthday
We wish that our life here, with you, had just begun
That God had not taken you away

How I would love to see
Your eyes turns bright and wide
As you open a gift from me
And to see you giggle at my side

How I would delight in you, my son
To see you smile, walk and then run
To hear your voice again, or just your cry
And together watch the years go by

But I am stuck here in this world
So far from Heaven, from God’s glory fully unfurled
Not able to see what awaits
Beyond our graves and Heaven’s pearly gates

Oh, how we wish we might
Be free from this sin and death
And in the land of unending delight
With you, my son, with life and breath

For while my gifts for you would one day break
I can only imagine what gifts you now receive
From God, who loves to give and make
Such wonderful gifts for you, we can hardly conceive

Gifts large and small, just for you
Through Jesus, who makes all things new
Even after everything that went wrong, when you fell
We know that Jesus has made you well.

So while we can’t sing you a birthday song
We hope and pray it won’t be long
‘Till we laugh and play and sing together
And marvel at God’s love and mercy forever

1 comment:

  1. How we come along side you this day of the year!! To remember Micah and how much you love him and miss him!! Prayers lifted up for peace and comfort only He can give!

    The Carey's