Saturday, April 24, 2010

Questions for Micah

Today marks 271 days since Micah has been gone. This marks the exact number of days that we had Micah with us on earth. Those days with Micah seem like a lifetime ago-- while identical in number of days, the days with him seem so short in comparison to these nearly 9 months since Micah has been gone. On this “anniversary” of sorts, I’ve thought of some questions that I’d like to ask Micah, if I could.

Do you remember, Micah, how I used to hold you up in the water while you kicked and punched the water, all the while shrieking in delight? Do you remember how energized you were by that really cold lake water? Micah, is there water in Heaven? Are there lakes? Do you like swimming? Does someone still need to hold your head above water when you “swim?” Or is it now possible for you to swim or float on your own, without fear of drowning?

Do you remember, Micah, how your daddy used to read you bedtime stories right before falling asleep? Do you remember tugging on your ears because you were so tired? Do you remember listening so patiently to me, as if you could understand everything I was saying? Does someone there read you bedtime stories?

Do you remember, Micah, all of our runs together, cruising the neighborhood in the running stroller together? Do you remember how you, me and our dog Sadie would run up and down the neighborhood streets together? Do you remember cooing at all of the dogs, the cats, the squirrels. Sadie would run ahead of us so fast that I thought Sadie could pull the running stroller herself. Do you remember how you would laugh and laugh at Sadie when she would cool herself down by swimming in Lake Hiawatha? Do you remember the sun, the breeze, and the two of us, just being together? Does someone push you in a stroller in heaven? Do they love being with you as much as I loved being with you?

Do you remember the little girl at Target who told you that you have "spiky" hair? Do you have spiky hair in Heaven? Is is as wild as it was on earth? Do you remember how I would run my hands through your hair, and you would look at me and smile? Does Jesus hold you in His arms? Does He smile at you like I used to?

Do you remember how much your mommy and I love you? Has Jesus told you how much He loves you? Has He told you what He has done for you on the Cross?

Do you know the sound of His voice? Can you still remember the sound of mine?


  1. Nicolle (Lundeen) EricksonApril 27, 2010 at 10:41 PM

    Cory, I have nothing to offer by way of words to ease your incredible pain. I will, however, say that after reading this last post, I wept. Then, I thanked our God for giving Micah an earthly Daddy who so closely exemplified the fierce, true and un-ending love that The Father has for His children...the love that Micah is experiencing now.

    Prayerfully, and With Hope-
    Nicolle (Lundeen) Erickson

  2. How precious these questions are! I know the answer to all is a resounding "YES!" and one day Micah, in his heavenly body, will meet you and embrace your heavenly body and that part of you that wrestles so hard now will find rest and peace at last.