Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"It is NOT About You"

At Micah's funeral, Pastor Kenny Stokes repeatedly encouraged us to remember that, "It is not about us." This phrase has been a source of encouragement between Heather and me as we continually seek to trust in God's sovereignty.

Earlier today, we met with the Chief Doctor at Children's Hospital along with another member of the Hospital staff. It was a very productive meeting, as the Doctor provided us with more details surrounding what the Hospital believes to be Micah's cause of death and what the Hospital is doing now to look into the care Micah received. In the course of the meeting, Heather asked the Doctor if there was anything that she could have done to save Micah. In response, the Doctor said, "It is not about you... There is nothing that you could have done."

I am quite sure that the doctor did not (1) realize the significance to us of these words or (2) wanted to encourage us to consider God's sovereignty. But God is sovereign over all things, even words. In this small way this morning, God reminded me that he is in control. None of us -not Heather, not me, not any doctor ultimately had control over the little pea in Micah's lung. It became lodged there--and stayed there--because God purposed it so. It is not about us.

Another blessing from today was Heather's CPR re-certification class. As we previously indicated, Heather needed to be re-certified in CPR before she could go back to work. As it turned out, the CPR class was modified. It turns out that the class was far less intense then in previous years. We made it through--another blessing.


  1. Thinking of and praying for you today.
    I'm so thankful that God has given you the courage to move on, day by day, even if it's just to survive. Thank you for writing about your struggles. God is using you and Micah - his death is not in vain.

    The Kmochs
    friends of Reed & Rachael

  2. What a blessing! I love it when the Lord suprises us like that with words that come from people we don't expect them to come from! I'm so very glad that the class went well also! You both are such an encouragement to us as we read your posts! Thanks be to the Lord for what He has done in your lives! Continually praying....

  3. It isn't about you, or me, or her, or him. You, and Kenny and the Chief of Childrens are right. It's rotten that you have to battle with feeling singled out. But, you must do battle with that notion. A friend of mine who has unexplained infertility and has had two miscarriages battles feeling singled out. I'll never forget the hurt in her voice as she asked, "Why can't I be a Mom??" I painfully trust there are a thousand reasons...but they have nothing to do with her ability to be a fantastic mother. I am sure that she would be a great mother...and that YOU ARE GREAT PARENTS. It's not about you or your ability to be wonderful parents. I will pray that you can faithfully do battle with wrong thinking even in your weakness.

    By the way, I thought of you both when we sang The Servant Song this past weekend. Though I don't know you, "I will share your joy and sorrow; 'til we've seen this journey through."

  4. Continue repeating this phrase in your mind and out loud at times. I will pray that this phrase will come to your mind when you really need it to. I'm so glad you had a satisfying meeting with the doctors from Chlidren's. I've also been wondering and praying about the impending CPR class. How great that it was modified and that you made it through and it is completed! I can empathize with the relief.