Saturday, August 1, 2009

From Mommy and Daddy

For 9 months, you have been our pride and joy
our sweet, sweet precious little boy
a miracle from the start
your smile has stolen our hearts

We loved to see your little hands and legs race
when you saw your mom's and dad's face
or when we picked you up from your nap
or when you watched your dog Sadie
run her lap

O son, how we will miss the bedtimes
the t-ball games and the nursery rhymes
the first day of kindergarten
We wanted you to grow up big and strong
to be a good student, to throw the football and
hit the golf ball straight and long.

But the Lord has taken you home long before we thought
The Lord loves you far more than the love we brought
And while our pain is sweeping and deep
it is only for ourselves that we weep

For you, Micah, are now drinking in the Lord's presence,
swimming in his eternal ocean of love
laughing in the joy of eternal salvation
and smiling into the face of Jesus.

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  1. this is beautiful. thank you for sharing it.